What can I do before going to the salon?

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I know there is a salon finder, but I'm in eastern Kentucky and there are no curly hair stylists around here. Being the token Hispanic here, my hair gets a lot of shocked looks when I walk into the salon.

What can I tell my sylist when I go in to help the hair cute become easier?

Also, how can I style my hair? I've been looking of the pictures and I'm still at a loss. Would layer help my roots curl better?
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    i assume you looked for a salon in your area on the nc website and found none. you can also go to devaconcepts.com (devachan's website to locate stylists) and follow the menu then put in your zip code to see if there is someone near you.
    i'd ask any salon you call if any stylist works with curly hair. also i actually stop women in the street if i see someone with a good curly haircut.
    i think long layers are usually best, not short on the top. find and bring many pictures with you, talk with stylist first to see if you think she is on the same page as you.
    good luck, as a curly i know how scary a haircut can be, i'm sure we've all had nightmare haircuts in our past!

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