Dijah_xoxoDijah_xoxo Posts: 131Registered Users
Has anyone ever tried there products?? They look good and don't contain Parrafin, Petroleum or mineral oil. They have some stuff to make curls softer and I ordered some samples earlier today.

If you've tried these before, what were your results?

Website: www.lottabody.com


  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    I used their setting lotion and I diluted it with water while I was transitioning. I used it mainly for my rollersets and I didn't have any problems. I wanted to try their samples but I don't live in the U.S. so please report back with your experience :D
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    I have the Extreme Curling Gel. It's a liquid gel that goes on the hair really sudsy. I wasn't impressed.
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  • ms.gms.g Posts: 173Registered Users
    i used their setting lotion and it made my hair feel
    crunchy, even when i diluted it with water.
    i havent tried any of their other products. :?
    all natural.

    my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness. :)

  • Sweetie83Sweetie83 Posts: 110Registered Users
    I LOVE the 4-in-1 shampoo :) It really makes my hair soft and helps with curl definition. I also have the maximum hold setting lotion, but it's mediocre in my opinion. The creamwrap, on the other hand, is the best product I've found for rollersets.
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    Curlilocs wrote:
    I have the Extreme Curling Gel. It's a liquid gel that goes on the hair really sudsy. I wasn't impressed.

    I just bought this and so far so good. As an experiment, I used it this morning over Suave Tropical Coconut.

    The only think I don't like is the fragrance. My hair looks really good, and quite honestly I am very suprised.

    Curlilocs, you are correct...it is a bit sudsy, but dries nicely.
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