What vitamins to take? : )

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So I've been wanting to grow my hair out to the length it was before I chopped it all off. It used to be down by my elbows and oh how I miss it all! :crybaby: I was just wondering what kind of vitamins I need to take to help my hair grow faster? I appreciate all the help! God bless! :toothy7:
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    Try biotin, MSM, fish oil, and multivitamins. You could also try GNC nourshair vitamins (I've never tried these though)
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    Last month I started a regimen of MSM w/ Glucosamine and Biotin, since then my hair has grown almost an inch. Yesterday I added Omega-3 Fish Oil to the mix and upped the dosage of the MSM and Biotin. I'm taking 2400 mg of Omega-3, 2000 mg of MSM, and 2000 mcg of Biotin. You will have to adjust your dosage of whatever you take to suit your body, taking to much of one or another will make you break out.

    MSM is supposed to extend your hair's growth period; Biotin is supposed to thicken your hair shaft, and Omega-3 Fish Oil helps with growth and shine. Good luck!
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    I take a multivitamin I got from GNC, fish oil, and a super B vitamin.
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    I took a multivitamin for hair and nails called Perfectil (but I think a lot of brands have their own version of it) for 30 days. Then I switched to a regular multivitamin and fish oil. I have noted a difference in growth and shine. The hair specific vits work, just don't take it for too long. Maybe a month or two, then switch to regular multivits and that should be enough.

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    Curly - I use prenatal vitamins. They seem to work pretty good.
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    I take GNC Ultra Nourishair vitamins, along with flax seed oil.
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    So happy that so many women are patronizing GNC as I am a store manager there! ;) The current GNC supps I take are:
    Ultra Mega Active
    Fish Oil
    Vit E
    This regimen does change from time to time.
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    Daily multi vitamin (One a Day Women's) and Fish Oil - Omega 3 supps...fish oil will make your hair and nails grow REALLY fast.
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    vitamin e, vitamin b, and a multivitamin
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    If you stop taking MSM and/or Biotin, will that cause shedding? Or will you have to continuously take them to keep the thickness or length of your hair? Im thinking of starting them and I would really like to know...thanks!
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    You can check out Evening Primrose Oil. It's often recommended in my thyroid support group since a lot of low thyroid sufferers lose hair...
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