Curtained hair

superboysuperboy Posts: 2Registered Users
Should I straighten my hair in order to achieve this look? Curtained hair means hair that is divided in the middle and the fringe falls on the sides. My hair is frizzy and wavy and if I don't do it like that (but with using hairspray or hair gel) it goes up and bouncing. I think my favorite actor James Marsden used to have curtained hair in his early movies.

What is a better way to get my hair straightened? Iron or the so called brush and hair-drier technique. My girlfriend has a hair iron but I don't like using it.

Is it true that curly hair shouldn't be combed? If that's true I miss my straight hair days (1st to 6th grade) - I used to just comb my hair once a day and it stayed like that. Straight hair is so much easier to maintain I wish it switches back to perfectly straight. I am attracted to girls with curly or wavy hair, tough.


  • Paul TownsendPaul Townsend Posts: 56Registered Users
    My recommendation would be - don't do it. The curtained look is no more suitable for you than it would be for me. Stay away from that straighener otherwise you'll really be in dire straights. :D