If you had to give one piece of advice...

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for maintaining strong healthy hair free of dryness and breakage, what would it be?

I'd have to say Moisture is the key and to that end my one piece of advice would be to do daily conditioner washes.
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  • CreationCreation Posts: 48Registered Users
    I would say one of the best things to do is avoid heat as much as possible!!! :wink:
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    I'm still trying to find out what my hair type is!!
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    Trims are super-important!
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    Ditto all the above. I would also say plaiting it/twisting it once it gets long enough to become tangled during the night. It really helped cut down on excess knotting and enabled me to better retain moisture.
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    Go easy on the hair products.
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  • DocDoc Posts: 367Registered Users
    An Akasha wrote:
    Go easy on the hair products.

    I like this one; I'm working on it! :lol:
    Dense kinky-curly; healthy and growing strong!
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    along with what everyone else has mentioned, id add
    regularly deep conditioning.
    all natural.

    my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness. :)

  • AfroCurlsAfroCurls Posts: 117Registered Users
    Avoid heat at all costs, keep a good leave in conditioner in supply and only comb your hair when it is sopping wet.

    I've been doing this since I went natural about a year ago and my hair is the healthiest it's ever been. The hairdresser says I had no split ends and she spent a good 15 minutes looking at my hair.
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    Don't sleep on thorough detangling more frequently....I did when I first chopped. Not pretty.
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  • butterfly22butterfly22 Posts: 103Registered Users
    Avoid heat and use lots of moisture
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    Less manipulation = healthy hair growth. I found this out the hard way once my hair got longer and frequently tried different hairstyles with twists and braids.
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