Does anyone use leave-in condtitioner and nothing else?

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Hi ladies,
My hair has been a bit dry lately, and I'm thinking about spending the next few months babying it. Do any of you use only a leave-in and nothing else to define your curls? Paul Mitchell's the Conditioner only does this if I use TONS, which leaves my hair feeling coated and filmy. Aveda's Elixer works perfectly for the first hour or two, but then my curls become very fuzzy as the day goes on. I'm thinking of purchasing Elucence. I really just want something that will define my curls and hold them a bit. Any ideas?
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    I have, but there's only a chosen few that will do it....As you mentioned: PM the Conditioner(but I agree about the filmm if used too much.) I had the same issue w/ the Aveda Elixir that you had.

    My favorites that give great def. are MOP leave-in, Bumble and Bumble leave-in, and Elucence.
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    pm the conditioner is very concentrated, you only need a little bit...rub your hands together before expands. cactus leave in and elucence are other great options. these are the only 3 i use.
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    I absolutely love Garnier Fructis Sleek n' Shine leave-in conditioner. It's so great. It keeps my hair defined and not so much frizz. This product is awesome! The only thing is that I'm not sure what all these ingredients do. Has anyone one used this product? How has it worked for you? Do you know of any natural alternatives?
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    this is my new approach too cause i find if my hair is truly moisturized it defines itself and i dont like how styling products feel in my hair, at the moment i am just using aloe vera gel with glycerine and jojoba oil and my hair looks and feels great, i am trying to use up all the gels i have stashed by adding a lil to this mixture, but i think the only gel i will purchase will be more like a curl activator than something for hold cause my hair doesnt really need hold
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    This works when I use Bumble & Bumble leave in. It is really thick and creamy.
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    The l-in conditioner that is my HG product is Botanical Boost (Ouidad). It's wonderful stuff and works best on clean, wet hair. Does not work at all with products containing oil. It's not the only thing I use, I also use a gel (like Control II) or a curly cream (anything, really; I'm currently into my healthclub's body moisterizer) to hold the curl pattern. You can also spray in next day to re-animate the curl pattern. I'm a 3c/4a- bushy/nappy to coils.
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    Abba Nourishing or (thanks to jazzijenni) Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner work very well for me in this manner.
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  • nubianqt86nubianqt86 Posts: 70Registered Users
    I used the Cantu leave in and loved it! I can see myself using tis alone most days.

    Edit: Potion #9 is better than this product. But, I'll finish my bottle. Potion dry defined, but a little hard. Not as moisturizing as Cantu, but I dont get the white drippies.
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    ever since i came back from deva chan i have been using devacare 1c alone and i get pretty good curls. my hair is soooooooo soft that i keep touching it to make sure i'm not tripping or it's just not completely dry yet.

    i put some [buylink=]kccc[/buylink] over it today and my scalp is a mess. i'm thinking about just continuing with the leave-in for a while.

    who knows :?

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    i do this with Elucence, especially in the summer. its very thick and makes my hair soft and defined.
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    no. im still searching for the leave-in that will do that. :(

    i cant seem to find cantu to try it out.
    all natural.

    my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness. :)
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    I have been using a leave in exclusively for the past three months. I used to rotate with products from time to time, but I've discovered a leave in is all I really need. My favs are MOP and Giovanni Direct. I haven't used the Cantu in a while but used to be an HG!
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  • gryantmarch2stepgryantmarch2step Posts: 454Registered Users
    Let me get this straight...So you don't use any other products except your leave in??
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    Sometimes I only use Elucence conditioner and nothing else. It works just fine.
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  • shawnanitashawnanita Posts: 26Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    I have been doing this rececntly using eleunce conditioner. I was curious as to how the One C would work. I actually like my hair better now only using conditioner.
  • spiral-ncspiral-nc Posts: 716Registered Users
    I plan on trying it with Curls Ecstacy Asian Hair Tea too (I love that stuff).
    spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.

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  • curlycovrgirlcurlycovrgirl Posts: 153Registered Users
    I'm starting to think my hair looks better with just leave in. Its much softer and more moisturized. Sometimes styling products make it look DRY.
    I also started adding some oil to my wet hair before I apply the leave in and it works great. :lol:
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    I used [buylink=]Elucence MBC[/buylink] as a leave in this weekend. It kept my curls for 4 days straight, and I didn't have to reapply the Elucence. At night, I spritzed my hair with water, put a thin conditioning cap on it, then a silk bonnet, and my hair was great in the morning! It was a little dry by the fourth day, but I think I may try a little oil on my spritzed hair, like curlycovergirl suggested.

    Of course, I didn't work out this weekend, being that I ate a ton of barbecue and take out (bad bad bad) so if you work out heavy, this might not work for you. I always have to shampoo or rinse after a work out.
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    The Cantu Shea butter leave in works good for this.
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    i like sebastian potion 9. sometimes when i don't feel like shelling out the big bucks for the real stuff, i use the non-branded kind from sally, which seems to work just as well.
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    Sometimes I just use a leave-in which is either redken ringlet, mixed chicks mixed wit [buylink=]jessicurl confident coils[/buylink], or regis line curl lock leave-in.

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