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To trim my hair w/o straightening? I'm seeing a lot of posts with not so good consquences with flatironing, etc. I was thinking of getting the Maxiglide so that I could straighten my hair for a precise trim once taking out my cornrows, then thought-if I'm making the adjustment, why not straighten once in a while; but what I've been reading lately has gotten me worried about even getting one. Is it still safe if using low heat? What's the best way to do it without permanent damage?

What are your experiences? Have you ever regretted straightening your hair?


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    I'd like to know this too. My last straightening experience had a negative outcome because my stylist used too much heat. She blowdried and then flat-ironed using high heat. And then she sprayed something on my hair and when over it with the flat iron and I could hear my hair sizzling :shock: I think it's safe to use low heat using a heat protectant.
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    You can straighten without damage if you it right. I have a maxiglide and I've used it twice and my coils have always come back. I use it on the lowest settings and my hair gets straight like I had a relaxer done. I use a straightening creme to airdry/blowdry and then Redken heat glide to flat iron.
    While I wouldn't do it every week, I do plan on straightening maybe 5 or 6 times a year. I actually am gonna wash out my press today and I conditioned over night and the fro is
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    I never use heat to trim my ends.
    what I do is after washing and conditioning and applying leave in, while it's wet (and I use a spritz bottle with water to dampen from time to time) I section my hair in small sections, and with each section I detangle with my fingers and then using my D4 starting at the root I gently take as many passes as necessary until I can brush down the entire length of the section. Once that section is detangled with the D4 its straight and so I can see exactly where I need to trim because it's thin and scraggly. I repeat this process until I'm finished. I never have to trim more than 1/4 inch, and again using this method, it's so obvious where to trim.

    It's time consuming (it takes me about an houor and a half),but I get excellent results and most of all, I don't have to use heat.

    I trim my hair based upon need which usually amouts to every 3 to 4 months.
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    I don't use heat to trim either. I just twist my hair and snip off the end of each twist where it looks thin or if I see any splits. I like Doc's method too. I think I'll try that next time since I don't plan on twisting my hair for a few weeks.
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    spiral-nc wrote:
    I don't use heat to trim either. I just twist my hair and snip off the end of each twist where it looks thin or if I see any splits.

    yep, this is what i do to trim my hair, it works like a charm.
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    Thanks, everyone! I think I'll try one of your methods instead of straightening. I've already had to blow dry semi-straight to get my cornrows done twice in one month. I'll be taking them out for another month and really am afraid of too much heat;besides, straightening in the summer would be irrelevant for me(my scalp sweats too much.)....

    Thanks again!!! Anyone else care to share techiniques for trimming?
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    Wash/condition/detangle your hair as usual and let it naturally air dry. Then just look at your head and snip the individual coils as needed - like a bonsai tree.

    This method helps to compensate for uneven shrinkage associated with many multiplehair type heads.

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