Indigo henna gives green hair?

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I have ordered a henna kit, mixed with Indigo to create dark brown hair, I have waited ages for it (postal delay) and now only have 2 days before I go back to uni. However it says that indigo can give you green hair - for a couple of days! :cry: Can anyone with experience please tell me if it has taken the green longer to disappear?

For those how have done this before. I bought a mixture 20% henna and 80% indigo. How dark will this make my hair? And could you tell me please if it will look TOO dark? My hair is naturally quite a dark brown anyway- but I do not want it to look black.

Also, it says to leave the henna mixture overnight, but that once you have added the indigo you must immediately apply to your hair. If that is that case how can you do a strand test, or even check for an allergic reaction?

Thanks for any help- I have posted this on several of the boards in the hope of a quick response!


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    The only way your hair will turn green is if the henna you bought contains metallic salts, and even then you have to put a chemical process ON TOP of that and then your hair will smoke and turn green.

    Make sure you bought from a reputable source. Was it body art quality henna? If so, it's safe. Any other company similar is alright.

    I don't know whether or not it will turn out too dark, and I don't think so according to your avatar. It will just tint your hair whatever color you mix it into.

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    If it's been chemically colored before, and you are going to apply henna and/or indigo then you have to make sure that the henna doesn't contain metallic salts. You do this by only buying BAC henna, Body Art Quality henna; if you have bought henna/indigo and this reference is on it, then undoubtably it contains metallic salts or it wouldn't have the warning on it.

    Please checkout this site:
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    It is BAQ henna- I get it here /home/leaving?" class="Popup its like the uk version of hennaforhair I think. The instructions just said that indigo can sometimes give your hair a green tinge for a couple of days while it oxidizes. I have used their henna before and been very impressed.
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    You should do a hairball test first if you are worried that it will leave your hair too dark. Indigo can have varying degrees of uptake but generally demises after about an hour when mixed. If you are trying for a not too dark brunette shade it is usually recommended that you do 50% indigo and 50% henna. The greater the ratio of indigo to henna the darker the shade. I wouldn't worry about a green cast as this is more likely to happen when applied to blonde hair. The henna for hair website has some great forums about using henna and indigo to get brunette shades. Happy Hendigoing.
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    I have done it. I love it! It is very very dark brown but I like it- nice to have a change! (And no green!!!) I took photos to post up but I cannot find my lead!!! I will try to get them up some time next week. Thanks for all the support!