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I posted about flexirods ages ago and I tried using them and it didn't turn out right. Does it matter how I twist them? It didn't hold as well as this woman's rods:

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  • LeilaniLeilani Posts: 50Registered Users
    What type of look are you going for?
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    I'm not too sure. I'd like to use them instead of using rods when I do braid/twist outs.
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  • LeilaniLeilani Posts: 50Registered Users
    Hmm.. looking at the picture this time around it seems that the roller is flexed in the middle (where the hair is on the flexirod). I don't think I ever noticed that before.

    I guess that would add more tension to the hair on the rod so that when the ends are twisted the hair would not loosen around the flexirod.
    I always thought the section that the hair is rolled on would stay straight and only the ends would bend together to twist. Maybe you are not creating enough tension on the rod.

    I have yet to roll my hair on flexies in the way the picture shows. I always thought it would take longer to dry. Instead I roll from the scalp in a spiral motion winding the hair around toward the bottom. I then slip a magnetic roller up around the bottom of the flexirod to hold my hair in place as it dries.

    Are you using them on the ends of braids/twists for your 'outs' or are you rolling to the scalp?
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    Thanks so much for the info, Leilani! I want to use the rods on the ends of my braids/twists. Do you use small or big ones for your hair?
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  • LeilaniLeilani Posts: 50Registered Users
    Yeah, the braid/twist outs for me are less tedious than sticking all of those rollers in my hair. I like the looks that I can achieve but that's a lot of hardware on my head(flexirods + plastic rollers) to be doing it on the regular.

    I primarily use the blue and red rods which fall in the small to medium category. I sometimes use the gold rods that are just one size up from the blue. I think I have just about every size of the flexirods but I usually stick with the three colors mentioned.

    Let us know how your set turns out.
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    Thanks so much for the info. I have red, yellow and green flexirods. The green is bigger than the red and yellow so I think I'll just use the other two. I'll try it tonight and hopefully it works out.
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    I, too, have been wanting to try a flexi rod set. I'm just too lazy to invest the effort! You may want to check out the pictures from a lady on NP named Sekhmet. She has a whole flexirod rollerset album with really nice results. She used [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Miss-Jessies-Curly-Meringue-p-576.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=miss-jessies-curly-meringue]Curly Meringue[/buylink] with the very large purple rods.

    Good luck. I may try mine next week when I'm off.
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