In need of help!

twin.chaostwin.chaos Posts: 2Registered Users
I have type 3 curls, but somewhere in between a & b.

My big issue, we moved to Florida and the humidity is killing me. I have tried so many products and some seem to work for a few days and then my hair is right back to where it started. I have very thick hair that expands and tends to look like a male lions mane by the end of the day.

I wash and condition my hair every other day and do a deep condition on the days I do not wash. I will add a leave in conditioner, use a curl enhancer and then a bit of gel. I only air dry because I do not have time to diffuse with 3 y/o twins running around.

The minute I walk outside my hair becomes huge with tons of frizz. I end up pulling it back in a pony tail for the remainder of the day. I just do not know what to do anymore or what products to use anymore.

Thank you for any advice you may have :)


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