Growing my Edges??

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My hair is weird...the front of my hair is long, it's 5.5 inches and thick with some baby fine curls in random places. (like my hairline and my peas *you know those rollie pollie coils at the end of your nape*) The front of my hair makes an S until you get to my ears (I'm not sure of it's texture). The back of my hair has really pretty super thick strands that have tight coils (the replica of a pen spring)....this part of my hair doesn't grow as much as the rest of my hair and it breaks off. It has ENDLESS split ends too -_- I'm not sure about what I should do... Can someone help me??


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    What's your routine at night? Do you use a satin pillowcase or scarf?
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    When was your last trim?
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  • Dijah_xoxoDijah_xoxo Posts: 131Registered Users
    Ms Joker- My routine is having a scarf on at nighttime

    Curlilocs- I trimmed my hair 3 or 4 weeks ago before I got my hair braided.
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    I asked about your night routine because I had the exact same problem as you. One of my stylists noticed this and she asked me how I tie my hair. I told her I tie it at the back (the area that was constantly breaking off) and she told me to tie it at the front. I've done that ever since and my hair has never broken off at the back. Another thing I was doing at the same time was wearing those satin bonnets that have an elastic around it and that chaffed the back of my hair.
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  • Dijah_xoxoDijah_xoxo Posts: 131Registered Users
    Thank you ms joker =) i tie it in the back sometimes, But i'm going to try to tie it in the front.
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    You're very welcome! :D
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