For Christmas I got ...

cajuncurlscajuncurls Posts: 270Registered Users
a 5 pound 9 ounce baby boy!

Ian Ross was born at 12:45 p.m. Christmas Day, 19 3/4 inches long and 4 weeks early. Will post more and pics when I have time.
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  • mad scientistmad scientist Posts: 3,530Registered Users
    Congratulations on your baby boy!!

    Christmas babies rock! I delivered my own last year at 12:30pm (she was due Jan 14, boy were we unprepared).

    How's your teeny little guy doing?
  • ruralcurlsruralcurls Posts: 2,574Registered Users
    Great news. Hope you both are doing well!!!

  • CynaminbearCynaminbear Posts: 4,476Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    My youngest son was 4 weeks early, but he was 3 pounds heavier.
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  • Brown_Eyed_GirlBrown_Eyed_Girl Posts: 1,353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Posts: 2,954Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Awww.. That is the best Christmas gift ever!!!

  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Posts: 3,778Registered Users
    Congratulations! I hope you're both doing well.

    What does your daughter think of him?
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  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Congrats on your tiny boy!
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  • SigiSigi Posts: 2,379Registered Users

    I love the name Ian too!
  • DeljahDeljah Posts: 47Registered Users
    Congratulations and best wishes!!
  • fuzzbucketfuzzbucket Posts: 996Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Wow! What great news! Congratulations!
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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
  • PixieCurlPixieCurl Posts: 5,656Registered Users
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  • PoPo Posts: 2,607Registered Users
    Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!
  • SisaSisa Posts: 759Registered Users
    Congratulations to you, and a big welcome to the world, Ian!

    What a Christmas present. :)
  • Jenny CJenny C Posts: 1,195Registered Users
    Wow, what an awesome Christmas gift! Congratulations!
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  • DarkAngelDarkAngel Posts: 2,671Registered Users Curl Neophyte

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  • sarah42sarah42 Posts: 4,034Registered Users
    Congratulations! Hope everyone is doing well!
  • cosmicflycosmicfly Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    Congratulations! Take care of yourself, mama!
  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 7,169Registered Users Curl Virtuoso

    My (now 11yr old) DS2 was 4 weeks early and was 2oz heavier - teeny tiny, hope all is well.
    3b in South Australia.
  • MarMar Posts: 3,004Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Congrats Nicole and Merry Christmas Ian!
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