Tangles with no shine - What to do?

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OK... so it's been 13 months since relaxing. I'll be doing the BC soon. Going totally CG has not worked for both textures, but I hope that will change once all the relaxed part is chopped off.

I'm on a strict budget for 2009, so I can't really experiment with all the expensive products out there.

I'd like to create my own homemade mixes. What (reasonably-price) products or mixes have you found that both detangle and give your hair shine?

Most of the products I've used (including the much raved Suave Naturals Coconut and Giovanni Direct Leave-In) are OK, but don't detangle that well.

Oils such as olive or jojoba make my hair look nice, but it seems like I need to use a lot of it for shine, then it just feels greasy.

(Mostly 3C, with some 3B at the nape and more 4A at the crown.)

Maybe I'm just impatient and should wait 'til after I've BC'd... I just don't know... :crybaby:
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