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right now i am using smooth 'n shine strong hold curling mousse because i want my natural curls. But i find that after i apply it to my hair when its wet and let it air dry, after a couple of hours my hair becomes more frizzy than curly. It says it prevents frizz, but i was wondering if theres something else i should be doing so that my hair can stay curly without the frizz and becoming poofy. Also, I tried "plopping" as someone had previously suggested to me, but it didnt make much of a difference. Maybe i was doing it wrong. Please help, i want to be able to wear my hair without having to blow dry it and it will still look nice. thanks.


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    mouse makes my hair frizzy also. Have you tried using leave in conditioner and gel ( try "fruit of the earth" aloe vera gel or fantasia ic gel) That combo is a good place to start.

    When I first came to this website, I looked at everyone's albums and the people who had hair like mine, I asked them what products they used. Thousands of dollars worth of products later, I finally found the ones that work for me! :D (just kidding) I found alot of good products for my hair that way.
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    all natural.

    my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness. :)
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    I second curlycovrgirl's recommendation of a leave-in plus gel (instead of mousse). That should cut down on frizz.

    What is your hair type? I think plopping generally works better for looser-haired curlies. I tried it once or twice and, while my hair dried much faster, I also ended up w/ a head full of frizz. If you have time, I would recommend airdrying or sitting under a hood dryer for a few minutes.

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