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Please share with me the ideal diffusing techinique. I want to start diffusing to add volume. Hot or cold air? Scrunch or no scrunch? Towel dry beforehand or not? Diffuse until completely dry or not quite? upside down head or not? Product? HELLLPPPP! so far, when I diffuse, it just seems to take all the shape out of my curl. It looks ok for about a minute afterward but then it all jusf falls apart. Thanks!


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    I don't diffuse often, since have stopped using gels, but when I do diffuse, I do so on low with warm heat. I use a bowl diffuser, I tilt my head sideways (each side), then flip my hair forward, then back to the sides. All told I probably blow dry my hair about 6 minutes tops. my hair is not completely dry at that point.

    Before I diffuse, I squeeze the excess water out of my hair with an aquis towel, but I never "towel dry". Then I apply leave in and gel.

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    here is the "best" way i've found to diffuse (i do so after scrunching with a microfiber towel and plopping in a tee-shirt). remove tee-shirt from head with head upside down, and go straight to diffusing while still upside down.

    i put a section of hair directly into the bowl of the diffuser and hold the diffuser all the way up to my scalp. THEN i turn on the blowdryer (usually on medium) and hold in the one spot for a while. then i TURN IT OFF before moving to a new section. after doing some sections upside down, i turn right side up and tilt my head to the sides to dry the underneath sections.

    i find that i get reduced frizz from this method (vs other diffusing methods) because turning the blowdryer off when i'm moving it minimizes the hair getting blown around.

    this method can take more time, so when i'm in a hurry (or impatient, which is often :lol: ) i just kind of aim the dryer/diffuser at my hair and scrunch with my hands, keeping the dryer moving around. i get more frizz this way but it does dry my hair faster.

    HTH :)
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    Lately, I have been diffusing after plopping. I usually do a low speed/medium heat combo and I actually aim my hairdryer downwards while I scrunch my hair upwards. I find that I get far less frizziness when I do it this way. I, like others, don't diffuse until I am completely dry. IT would take far too long.
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    I dont towel dry my hair, just scrunch out the extra water. Put on a bit of leave in conditioner, then mousse or gel depending on my mood. flip over and put the nozzle of the dryer close to my scalp to dry just the roots. After a bit I put on the diffuser and use the bowl to scoop up the hair, putting it closer to the head. I move around, flip up and down, check the curl and progress. When it's halfway dry I add curl cream, scrunching it in, then go back to diffusing. I dry it almost all the way, then put in the clippies and spray with a bit of curl spray. After 45 minutes to an hour I take out the clips, push it into place and spray with the same curl spray.
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    My technique is pretty much exactly the one Meowmix (formerly Lalala) describes in this thread here (hers is the second post with the drawing).
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    I aim the diffuser to heat a section of hair, then hold it in a tight scrunch so that it cools in a scrunched shape while I'm heating up the next section. Since my hair is only nape lenth, I find that upside-down diffusing breaks up the waves/curls right now. Once I reach shoulder-length, I'll diffuse upside down again.
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