This has nothing to do with our age, but I want to vent

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We redid a couple bathrooms. Our house was built before the age of the big bathrooms so even though we have three they are all small. The one I personally use off the main hallway I just redid in a smokey (sort of colonial) blue accented with white and brushed nickel. I have a small glass shelf above the toilet where I keep a crystal clock, a small candle, and a boutique box of tissues. OK, so the bathroom is now a new color and my tissue holder doesn't match. On a trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend that was one of my objectives... find a new boutique tissue holder. I was looking mainly for something in brushed nickel (or a close silver). Surprisingly, I found one that matched a picture I just put in that room (I didn't realize there was a whole ensemble that went with the picture). I think "great, I love it" and buy the tissue holder (which was not cheap, but it was what I liked.

My husband and I both commented that it seemed like a lot of the tissue holders we were looking at seemed big. Well... I get this thing home. There must be an extra 1/2" around the box inside this thing. This holder hangs over the shelf (which my last ceramic one did not). It is just huge!

Now why would a designer, or manufacturer, or whoever is to blame, make these things so big? Next time you are in Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens n Things, check them out.

I now have to return this... which means a trip to Erie this coming weekend. On top of that, I'm now afraid I won't find a pretty one to fit on my shelf. I really don't want a plain old plastic one.

OK, this was my vent for the day. The whole thing just made me mad.

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