What can I add to Aloe to add some hold

I think HE SMU made me break out and the aloe is great on my hair but I need just a tad more hold... any suggestions... In my cabinet I have HE TTgel, LOOB, Biotera gel.... I don't know how these others will help my break outs but I'm pretty sure it was the HE SMU that made break out. I'll have to check out ingredients... any ones break out from particular ingredients?

Don't know what to do about my hair....



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    I have recently started mixing FOTE (Aloe) with LOOB, scrunching the mixture into very wet hair (with a leave-in already applied) then finishing up with a blob of HE TT scrunched in for a little extra hold. I do get some frizz after scrunching the crunch so I lightly spray with a water/gel mixture for a small amount of hold to keep the frizz away. I have been having great results with lots of volume and well moisturized, springy, soft curls.
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    A few squirts of Samy I'm Twisted in my palm, mixed with FOTE aloe vera gel works for me.
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