How to apply liquid eyeliner ???

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I can never seem to get it's always sloppy and to thick. It's not the product, I have the mac one which is suppose to be good...
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    This tip has helped me a lot, no matter what eyeliner I use. Cotton Q-tips will be your friend.

    To get perfect lines, wet the tip with a little water. Not too wet, otherwise it will smear your eyeliner. Use the damp tip to straighten the lines.

    Also depending on the q-tips, if they are too bushy, I will tear off some cotton.

    It has definitely helped me even if I have steady hands, cause in the mornings I can be really tired. So cotton q-tips always help.
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    practice, practice and more practice.
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    I don't wear liquid liner myself, but I put it on my 11 yo daughter for dance competitions. I find the best way is to start at the outer corner and go inward and try to do it in one smooth motion, very thinly, at the base of the lashes. Of course, having really young and perfect skin helps it to go on smoothly.
  • The New BlackThe New Black Curl Connoisseur Posts: 16,754Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    It helps MAJORLY to have the right brush. For liquids I use a very thin and somewhat stiff brush. if the brush isn't stiff enough, you won't have enough control and the line will be messy. An artist's brush would work.

    Here's a Mac brush that looks small enough; I'm not sure how stiff it is though:

    Some people start from the outer corner and go in. But I start from the middle and go out. Then from the inner corner and connect it with the middle.
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    There a couple of liquid eyeliners that have a brush like a felt tip marker. I found them very helpful until I learned how to make the line better. The one I used was L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. Jordana makes one for around $2 but I can't get it here.

    As phoenix mentioned, it's helpful to start in the middle and make short strokes like dashes towards the outer corner. Then from inner corner towards middle. As rouquinme said it takes practice.

    BTW - there about a gajillion videos on youtube (makeup tutorials) that show putting on eyeliner.
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    i do what phoenix does - start from the middle and go out then the opposite direction. but i use pencils and powder, not liquid.

    in addition to YouTube for tutorials, has good instructions too!
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