CG in Vegas (newbie..kinda)

Hi all,

I've been a member since earlier this year, but this is my first posting. I am 21, i have been in dry Las Vegas for about 11 years. I graduate from UNLV in May 2009 and for the first time I have time to get this hair thing together I LOVE my hair sometimes (its a love/hate relationship) and Im the only one in my family who goes here is my hair bio:

-I THINK i have 3c hair??? (pics attached)
-I started the CG method over the summer (no poo, no cones...)
-I only straighten every 3 months or so.
-Use permanent dye (naturally dk brwn, now caramel color)
-No perms or relaxers since I was in middle school.
-My hair is dry from the Vegas weather
-i trim my ends every month or so.
-I have pretty much tried everything that i know of
-I usually wear my hair down or in a loose pony b/c the crown is so thick and once it dries thats it.

What hair type am I?
How do i saty on the CG course in Vegas?
Daily matinence when straightening?
Frizz control?
Dry hair (deep condirtioners)?
Style ideas?
Any tips form others?

Thats all i can think of let the journey begin!



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    Welcome robi!!!

    It's good to finally see someone else from the Vegas area post!

    From the pic of you in your car, I'd say you're a 3c.

    Unfortunately, I really don't have a lot of CG-worthy advise to give you - I know, shame on me - but I'm more what you call a "modified" CG. It'll be a year in February that I've been in Vegas, so I have a use-whatever-works-for-you type of method. Meaning, I'll use products that have 'cones or sulfates b/c those products work for me. And, b/c I'm still somewhat new to the area, I'm still experimenting with products. (I did try "Mixed Chicks" however, and loved it.)

    Any real advice I can give to you is to lurk a lot on this website - there are lots of other knowledgeable curlies that live in dry/dessert climates that can point you in the right direction for product recommendations.

    Congratulations in advance on your pending graduation from UNLV, and welcome again, neighbor, to the boards! :compress:
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