My hair is a mess!

Hi! Well, I'm new over here so I will introduce myself. My name is fleurgranger (well, not my real one) and I'm from south america, my hair is 3a and let me tell you I'm really happy of finding this website.
Okay let's go to my problem. I love my curls but my hair is uncontrollable. I would love to wear it down but I just can't. My problem is that my hair looks amazing in the front but at the back it is frizzy, and it needs definition. Could it be a haircut problem? Also as my hair gets dirty after I wash it(I don't wash my hair everyday, actually I wash it every 3 days approximately) it gets drier until it is horribly dry. Any ideas??



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    Without knowing what products you use or your routine, it sounds like your hair is in need of some deep conditioning. Could be many other things (protein sensitivity, silicone overdose, magnesium sulphate reaction, etc.) but dry after 3 days of not washing sounds like you're not getting enough moisture into your hair.

    And welcome. :D
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