Rave: Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

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Hi Ladies!
I rarely use oil on my hair directly, but I got an urge to buy one the other day while in Walmart. I picked up a bottle of Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. It is incredible! I smooth a little on my dried/gelled hair and I get instant softness and lovely shine. I added a few drops to my spray bottle of water and my hair is super soft when I do my morning spritz on slept-on hair to reactivate my gel. It also makes a superb body oil. I don't know why, but this stuff is not greasy, unlike my organic coconut oil or commercial oils like Ginseng Miracle Wonder8 or African Royale. Best of all, this is one of the cheapest commercial all-purpose oils I've seen. Give it a try! :)

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    I think I will try this. My hair rejects most oils, even if they make it shine they seldom make it smooth. I am more of a cream person, but i still use them on my scalp & skin. I'm curious to see if this will work on my hair, too, so I'll look for it when I go to hair store later this week. Thanks Portae, :)
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    What does it smell like??
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    It smells like Johnson's baby oil.

    Jeamaria- most oils make my hair very greasy. This one doesn't for some reason. It just makes my hair very smooth and soft.
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    Thanks!! I'll look for this one.
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    I bought it earlier this week and it was a bit too heavy for my hair. I use it on my skin tho and it makes it feel very silky and soft.

    Im thinking about adding vitamin E oil to mine
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    this is my favorite!!!! i love the baby oil smell and you can leave a tiny bit in your hair to keep the gel from crunching it too much. also it is only 2.29 at my walgreens! :P :P
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    I Love this Oil. It smells soooooo good and it works great on hair and skin.

    Only $1.89 at Walmart

    Thanks so much for posting your reviews!!

    I keep a bottle at home and a mini one in my office.

    Great stuff!!!
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    BUMP! I love this stuff. I use it for hot oil treatments, massage it directly into scalp, sealing ends, SOTC, and to add shine to finished styles. It comes out with cowashing and no build-up thus far. I never thought my fine hair would stand for an oil without looking greasy. I do use it sparingly, especially when adding to a finished style. I go a little heavier if I'm using it on my scalp or ends at night. Good stuff, and cheap too!
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    I love this oil. It doesn't have any mineral oil in it which is a plus. I use it to seal and if I wear my hair in a pony I use it on the flat part. It gives great shine. It is also good for SOTC from other products.
    Best of all its really cheap!
    I found another one that I like called African Natural 10 in One Oil. This one smells like cake batter. It was $3.69 but I'm having trouble finding more.
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    Hey. Thanks for sharing your oil recommendation to us. I've been using this oil for myself for almost 2 years Camphor Essential Oil. It's so helpful for my problem skin. That's why i can recommend you to try this oil. You can order via oilscenter shop. Good luck!

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