Wanting 2 look older

CurlycrazieCurlycrazie Posts: 10Registered Users
Hi im 17 petite and look alot younger maybe 13. I no ill love it when im older but at present I dnt want 2 look like a little gurl.


  • battinlashbattinlash Posts: 1,850Registered Users
    It would help a lot if you could post a picture. If you don't have Flickr or Photobucket you could link to your myspace.
  • lauren1904lauren1904 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Hey Curlycrazie!

    Girl, I sympathize with ya! I'm 23 and still look like I'm 16. Try wearing a bit of a smokey eye makeup. I always think I and others look older with a darker shade on their eyes (tastefully done that is). Don't go out and smudge black all over your lids, cause that will make you look like a kid who got into their mothers makeup drawer! If you go heavy with the eyes, go light on the cheek and lip shades. Get a sheer product to put on your cheekbones and temples that gives your face a glow. Loreal makes one (I forgot what the specific name is) with a hint of pink. and definitely keep your lips clear and glossy.

    I always find that when I don't play up my eyes I look and feel a lot younger. Let me know how it goes.
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    I think lauren gave really good advice.

    I think it's also important to stay away from any overtly trendy makeup trends such as glittery shades (ugh). Shimmer is fine, but glitter - no. I would also make sure to apply the same philosophy to lip colors - nothing frosted! Keep it soft and pretty. Check out this look from Bobbi Brown:


    While the exact colors may not be right for you, the basic premise is there.

    Sort of off topic, but how do you wear your hair?
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  • CurlycrazieCurlycrazie Posts: 10Registered Users
    thanx guys u all gave gr8 advice. I tend to look older with my straightened. I got it layer so that helps. But i usually wear my hair down or n a ponytail or even a messy bun. just recently ppl hu havnt seen me n 2 years say i look a whole lot older so thats a confidence boost! :) But for people hu dont no me think i look younger
  • outtahereouttahere Posts: 343Registered Users
    I have heard red or dark lipstick makes women look older. I think it works too. It makes your lips appear thinner, which I suppose is what "ages" you since people lose collagen as they age.
  • lauren1904lauren1904 Posts: 19Registered Users
    That's funny. I find that red/dark lipstick has the opposite effect on me. I guess every face is different. But when I wear red lipstick I look much younger.
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