I stood up for curlies today!

I stopped at the mall today, and walked past a kiosk selling straightening irons. The woman at the kiosk saw me and said "excuse me" Before she got another word out of her mouth, I said "I like my hair curly, I don't straighten it, and your question is going to be offensive to me" and I walked away. I can't believe I did that because I'm really shy and normally would have said "no thank you" and walked on.

I wonder if those kiosks actually sell anything? I'd never let a stranger straighten my hair, especially with an iron that probably has been used on a bunch of other people-gross!



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    lmao, those people... I swear, their eyes light up when they see me coming, typically. It seems like whenever I'm at the mall, I happen to be having a ridiculously bad hair day, and have it pulled back in a frizzy poof of a ponytail, and they just can't WAIT to show me how great they can make it look.

    Last week (yay last minute shopping for christmas >.<) I managed to get to the mall on a GOOD hair day. They took one look at me, the smile on my face and my hair and didn't say a WORD. Just avoided eye contact and moved on to the next person.

    Best feeling in the world. :blob:
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    Good for you!

    This thread is cracking me up because I was at a mall last week, and I saw these flatiron kiosk people. And boy, was I ready for a fight! (Bad mood last week; over now.) I was just waiting for them to stop me. I was gonna let them have it.

    But they didn't. Guess I'm just not quite curly enough. Damn!

    The only ones who stopped me were those &^%$ home-manicure-set people. It just wasn't the same.

    Wurly and proud!
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    You handled that beautifully. My family and friends just laugh at my method of avoiding those people. My requirement is that we talk the whole time very intently to each other and walk fast, dont make eye contact.
    Are the kiosk people everywhere??
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    I don't take it personally. They're just selling a product. I say "no thanks" or just say nothing at all and walk on. Now, if they were being persistent, that would be one thing.
    And yes, the idea that they use that on other people's hair is gross. And who would buy a flat iron from a kiosk without investigating it first? I would assume they are of cheaper quality...I could be wrong, but that would be my assumption.
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    One time when i went to get my hair cut the owner was like "you have beautiful curls" and i was like "thanks" and then he was like "would you like to be part of a straightening seminar that we're having (like chemical straightening) cuz you're curls would look a lot better looser" and i was like "no thanks i like my curls just the way they are"
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    Thank you, Sherry. This curly appreciates every effort that's made to change the world's view of curly hair as something that needs to be "fixed."
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    Well done Sherry!

    Those Kiosks amaze me - saw a tooth whitenign Kiosk yesterday! I take a different tact when they hard sell me; I go "Oh I already have one and I LOVE IT!" (no matter what it is they are selling)

    They dont bother you after that.
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    haha good work!

    my idea of avoiding them is to not make eye contact and ignore them. if they get in face i usually say no thanks...but now im acually headed to the mall. maybe ill try something to help the curlies, not just thank them for asking!
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    Good for you!
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    I find the cell phone kisoks obnoxious. They loudly ask what service I use. I'd like to say "none of your business!" but I just answer with the name of whatever company they represent. And continue walking.
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    Ugh, I loathe those kiosks. The people who run the one at my mom must tell there employees to be very pushy and extremely insistent. A few years ago, one of them literally grabbed my arm when i was walking past and pulled me out of the flow of foot traffic and pushed me into a chair while saying "sit down so we can make you look amazing!". I was already having a really bad day and for some reason I don't like being manhandled like that so I told them that they should be careful about grabbing people from public and holding them against their will because someone having an even worse day than me is going to get the cops in on it. They haven't stopped me since :compress:
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    Right on, sister!

  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 6,679Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    Good for you. We don't have such things here (well, not that I've ever seen). I think I'd have an arsenal of comments at the ready if they ever appeared here.
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    Good for you! =]

    I was with my choir class at the mall [we stopped there to eat before a rehearsal.] and while we were walking around, there was one of those kiosks and they stopped my friend I was walking with, and didn't say a word to me. She stayed and let them curl her hair with the straightener. It looked cute, but I wasn't about to let them touch my curls. They kept exclaiming that my hair was beautiful, "beautiful curls! Are they natural? What do you do?" and then, "Would you like us to straighten it?"
    .... No! Were they serious? Compliment, then attack? WTF?
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    My mall doesn't have the straightening kiosks, they have the hair-curling kiosk. And they love to stop me and ask if they can fix me curls...

    I never have anything witty to say in the moment but I always want to reply something about looking like a Farrah Fawcett wannabe or whatever.