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Alright, I probably have a bad rep with some of you because I am stubborn with trying to exercise! But I have recently come across some great forms of motivation that I wanted to share! Maybe something like this can help you too!! :happy4:

So while I was home from Christmas, I was reading my mom's latest issue of Shape magazine. In it they mentioned this website called " ", where you upload a pic of yourself and then enter your desired weight loss (and current weight, height ... ) and within 48 hrs you get a "virtual weight loss photo"! It's really cool (or so I think) because it gives you a chance to see what you could achieve. Plus, this is weight loss only ... just think of how great it'd look with muscle too!
HA! I love it though. My fiance says he's going to post it all over the place as motivation for me.You should give it a shot! There's really nothing to lose ... it's FREE!

Also, I tried on wedding dresses this weekend ...and did not like what I saw. If I'm going to have a perfect wedding (:love5:) then I need to look my best!

What has been a recent motivator for you?
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    I got a Wii with Wii Fit for christmas. It's been super fun. It tracks everything for you. I live at home so both my mom and I are using it so that keeps both of us motivated to out do the other. Or at least keep up. I'm loving it for the winter months and it's going to be great for the summer when it's hot and super muggy and I can't breathe outside.

    It's usually the weather and timing that kill me. I lose momentum if it's cold, raining, or allergy season. With this I have no excuses and even if it's midnight I can still go for a little run or do some yoga.

    Once I really establish a good exercise routine I'll really make changes to my diet. Usually though regularly working out makes me want healthier food anyway.
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    Love this suit!
    working on the smashing abs to go w/ it!

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