New here, with wavy hair

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Hello, I'm a mom to 6 kids. 5 boys, and a baby girl. I recently discovered the book Curly Girl when someone told me I was technically a curly girl with my wavy hair. I have fine, thin wavy hair and have only shampoo'd once a week with baby shampoo for a good 6 wks now, and am conditioning with Sunsilk's cond. for wavy hair. I've definitely noticed the frizz is gone, but I'm having trouble with the hair gel making my hair look "crunchy".
When my hair is wet, there is alot of waves/curl..but once it's dry, especially if I don't put in gel, it goes pretty flat. Right now it's just above my shoulders. I would like to grow it out long..but previously it never looked good long! (just frizzy!)
I've learned alot from this site already, and now wish my hair was really curly!! No one seems to get my Curly Girl obsession...they look at me and say 'But you don't have curly hair!'...I know it's not curly, but it's WAVY, and that makes me a Curly Girl. LOL


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