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Ive been trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that is low on "cones" because my hairs texture and over all response is changing with age. Most of my former product lines just wont detangle, condition or rinse out well to suit me. Not fully committed to the CG routine Im still shampooing my hair daily. I find the dry ends and greasey roots are hard to deal with when I attempt to go "poo free". I have a position that I hold that stresses I look professional and hyigene is very important so my hair must look clean and well kept. I just cant go for more than 3 days without washing it. So finding something affordable, easy to acquire and that works well is my goal. On the off chance Im wrong forgive me, but when I was out at our local Wal-Mart I notice the hair salon there. Now, I normally steer clear of the fast, cheap McDonalds like hair care salons but this one had all the hair products right up front in an eye catching arrangement so I had to go peek. I noticed a small grouping of shampoo and conditioner with green tea extract so I looked the bottle over and did not see any "cones" in either the shampoo or conditoner that I knew of. It was Cost Cutters promoted product line so I bought it and tried it at home to find my hair responded to it beautifully and it rinsed out well. Im even surprised at the smell..its pleasant. I dont have to use half as much conditioner now and even less shampoo to get the desired effect I want most out of my hair. Now since Ive used it then blown out my 2b curls straight I want to try it with them gone wild and curly just to see how well they stack up to the test of dry frizzy hair or not. Over all I really like this product line.

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