Rec for a good eyecream for my extremely sensitive eyes?

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Im not looking for any anti-aging/wrinkle treatment eyecreams or anything, Im just looking for something to help with my extremely dry under eye area and dry eyelids.

Like I said, my eyes (and surrounding eye area) are extremely sensitive. Many 'gentle' products sting/irritate/burn my eye area.

I've tried things like Aveeno, Cetaphil etc., but they are still too harsh (for lack of a better word).

Right now Im using polysporin on them. I've talked to my derm before, and she said that its not unusual, and just to keep looking for sensitive skin products. She suggested creams marketed for babies/children b/c they are extremely gentle.

Just wanted to add that I do NOT wear any eyemakeup (no concealer, no shadow, no mascara, no liner etc) and I do NOT wear contacts. Nor do I use harsh cleansers (I just wash my face with plain water and a washcloth).

Any recs?
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    You said you get really dry skin around your you ever get redness or swelling around your eyes? and do you use an eyelash curler? or do you get your nails done..some people can actually be allergic to nail polishes and get a reaction around their eyes from when you touch your face. If the dryness is just around the eyes I dont think a moisturizer will help because your entire face would be dry if you were just suffering from dry skin. It sounds to me that you are reacting to something. Have you tried using a mild cortisone around your eyes ? Did your dermatologist prescribe you anything to use in that area?

    One other thing sometimes even using a washcloth on your face can be too harsh for people with sensitive may want to just use your fingertips :D
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    Eucerin Q10 for sensitive skin!
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  • slinky1slinky1 Banned Banned Users Posts: 1,612
    Kiehl's has an eye cream for sensitive skin.

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