Easy Fruit Smoothie

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:wave:Easy Fruit Smoothie

I. 1-2 scoops Fat-free Fruit Sorbet or Sherbert
(any flavor)
II. 2.5-4 ounces Water or Orange Juice
IV. blend in chef quality blender (or majic bullet)
and voila!

Note: for a thicker fruit smoothie use less liquid or vise-versa for thinner fruit smoothie.
Hermoine™ (He really loves them, but i so :hate: my freckles)

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    Easy Yogurt Shake

    I. Fat Free or Very Low-Fat FROZEN Yogurt
    II. Plain Fat-Free Soy Milk (8th Continent)
    Blend until desired consistency is reached [(for a thicker shake, use more frozen yogurt, for thinner shake, use less soy milk (or rice milk)]
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