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Hi, I'm thinking about trying Jessicurl, but I'm not sure which products to buy for really good hold, frizz control (of course) and definition. Can someone help me out?

Houston, TX
shoulder length fine 3b/c curls


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    I agree they dont have good hold. The rr is for defining curls and the cc is suspose to be for hold. While rr defines curls great I still get frizz without KBB nectar under it.

    You can purchase samples $1.50 each fom her website. She dont charge shipping when purchasing just samples.
  • SnoWhiteSnoWhite Posts: 91Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    crazywaves wrote: »
    I agree they dont have good hold. The rr is for defining curls and the cc is suspose to be for hold. While rr defines curls great I still get frizz without KBB nectar under it.

    You can purchase samples $1.50 each fom her website. She dont charge shipping when purchasing just samples.

    Thanks for the info!!
    Houston, TX
    shoulder length fine 3b/c curls
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    I really liked RR and CC but the hold wasn't very good and I needed my usual gel over the top.

    I also found that CC made my head itch badly - I suspect the glycerine.
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    I agree with the other comments here. I experimented with RR and CC over the spring/summer and found I got frizz unless I used CK under everything and there wasn't enough hold unless I used a gel over everything. This could be totally different during the winter though.
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    Well I use alot of other stuff but I really like the [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] (sadly the tub is all gone) and RR is currently the gel that's working best for me. (2C/3A or so I'm told.)
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    I found that it took a while for my hair to adjust to Jessicurl.
    When I first ordered the trial set, I HATED the products. Just couldn't get my hair to do what I wanted. So I set it aside and went back to what worked for me.
    For some reason, I decided to try again. After scouring the Jessicurl website, reading her suggestions, watching the videos, etc I figured out what works for me.

    I don't get hold from the CC like I would a gel but I don't need it since my curls are under control. I do use a little more CC than recommended but I want to make sure every hair is covered.

    I keep a small bottle of [buylink=]Awe Inspiraling spray[/buylink] in my purse to refresh thru out the day.

    I'd recommend ordering a trial pack (rich or light- depending on your hair)

    Incorporating items like a microfiber towel, deep conditioner ([buylink=]Jessicurl's Too Shea[/buylink] and Weekly Deep Treatment are amazing!!!) diffuser, etc make a big difference too. Sometimes more than products, imo.
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    I just tried the sample pack and I did not like it at all. I would say I have 3b/front and 3c/back of hair curls and it worked o.k. on the front but still not wow! I think it also was pretty drying and I don't have dry hair. I am african american and although I do not mind trying new products from any company, in the pix on jessicurl website it did not have a lot of pix of the products on african americans. It caused me a lot of frizz all over. I think if you have a slicker curl it might work a little bit better than it did for me. I do not mean this racist but I think that it is something to consider, not only you curl type but also you hair texture. I really wanted this to work but it just didn't her videos and techiniques are great.
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    I love jessicurl. I don't know how it works alone because I always apply my leave-in, CK then I use the RR and then CC. Sometimes it gets crunchy but it scrunchs out easily. I would try the samples first because a lot of curlies can't use it. I jumped right in and got the full size. Luckily my hair likes it.
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    I didn't have great luck with Jessicurl stylers because of the magnesium sulfate. But I absolutely adore both the Gentle Lather Shampoo and [buylink=]Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] - both are very gentle. I also couldn't live without her Weekly Deep Treatment. Definitely order sample sizes first.

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