Olive Oil for Dry Skin

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I read a tip on a skin care board about olive oil - taking a tbsp. of olive oil a day is supposed to help dry skin. Some of the other posters mentioned using extra virgin olive oil on their skin as well. I would think it would clog pores when applied topically, but my moisturizer has mineral oil in it - don't think it could be worse than that.

Has anyone tried drinking olive oil and/or using it as a moisturizer? I take Evening Primrose Oil (for PMS symptoms mostly) because I heard it would help with scalp conditions. It didn't do anything, but its PMS benefits have me still taking it. My doctor claims I have dermatitis on my scalp, but I think it could be dry skin or maybe a combo, since I have dry, scaly skin all over that gets worse in cold weather (dermatitis is caused by a fungus). In that case, I would think olive oil couldn't hurt.


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    Kenzie_06 wrote:
    dermatitis is caused by a fungus

    If that is your case, I would recommend mixing tea tree oil into your conditioner and lotions.

    I have very dry skin and will slather olive oil on damp skin when I hop out of the shower. I have a mixture that I use mostly in the winter:

    3 oz. olive oil (I use the light one, not the extra virgin - because of the smell)

    1/2 oz. jojoba oil

    1/4 tsp. tea tree oil

    1/4 tsp. jasmine scented jojoba oil

    I shake it up in a travel bottle and slather it on damp skin. This helps seal the moisture in. I normally follow it with a good lotion too. Layering can help. The most important thing to know is not to put lotion or oil on dry skin; they won't be absorbed as well, and then they are sealing moisture out of your skin, which is the opposite of what you want.
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