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Every time I go to get my hair cut, it's always by a stylist that wants to straighten my hair (why I'm going to a CG stylist next time!). I had a question, though. They also always insist on thinning it. My hair is extremely thick and coarse, but I started CG yesterday so maybe it will start to look healthier.

I guess I was thinning CG approved, or will it damage my waves? Thanks!


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    Wow, I'm jealous! My hair is very fine and thin, so when I hear of a stylist purposely thinning, I cringe. I tend to think that thinning would only be beneficial if you were going to wear it straight. Generally going CG should help your hair to behave a bit better. So imho... I'd leave it thick, at least until you get an idea of how your hair looks once it adjusts. On a side thought/note, how old are you? Generally your hair will thin out a bit naturally as you age. GL!
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    I don't have 2 (i think I'm a 3) but I was a thinner as well. I've been on CG for a few weeks, and even canceled my salon appointment since my hair does not seem as thick anymore..
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    In my experience, "thinning" damages the wave/curl pattern. It has caused my hair to frizz (I never had frizz before). Also, the layers stick out in funny directions as if the hair is trying to form a curl but has been broken along the way. "Thinning" is basically layering, but this type of layering does not enhance curl formation. If I were you, I would find someone who can cut curly hair properly instead.
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    Don't do it!! It's just lazy hair cutting, either the razor or the thinning shears. It's only okay if you want to straighten for the rest of your life. It wrecks your curls it makes them look frizzy and uneven. Don't do it. Get some good long layers.
    I have thick coarse hair, and I'm glad I don't thin my hair anymore. It's easier to manage now that I'm doing some CG things.
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    I made a mistake and let the stylist "thin" my shoulder length 2C hair with a razor this summer.
    With humiditity, it resulted in way too big and frizzy hair, so I would say it just does the opposite of what was intended when you have wavy thick and coarse hair.
    I couldn't stand it and used a relaxer. My hair has had some time to grow out, three or four inches of "natural" growth since then. I'm at the point now that I'm deciding to cut it or not, The textural difference is starting to be noticeable. I really don't like my hair short, either.
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    Are you talking about a razor cut ? -Because that is not thinning, it's just a cutting technique.

    And If your hair is thinner (or shortened without permission--) when you leave the salon or wake the next day, call the Police. Because, If you are talking about a razor cut-- that is not thinning, it's just a cutting technique. Note: Medically and aesthetically speaking, Head-of-Hair includes the edges (i.e. hairline and nape areas) And especially if you already know you do not have the gene for male-female pattern baldness (androgentic hairloss)—there is a serious problem.

    eta: And COUTURE cuts do not leave you with damaged hair or thinned ends (...models wear wigs for a reason) and razoring does not remove bulk. Also, Layering is not a razor cut per se, but you get the idea...
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    The hair stylists refer to it as thinning, not as in hair falling out, but as in razoring or cutting out bulk in the underlayers of the hair. Although it may work for straight hair, I find that with my curly wavy hair it just resulted in the hair being more bushy and harder to control.

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