So I just dyed my hair and I think it made my hair really unmanageable!

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I just did a semi-permanent dye on my hair last Monday. And ever since I dyed it, the texture has been totally different and it's been frizzier. I don't know if it's like that for no reason or if it's because of the dye. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


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    It probably took a lot of moisture and oil from your hair. What kind of conditioners do you use? It might be good to wet your hair, slather a few handfuls into your hair, and wrap a towel around it for a few hours to let the conditioners soak into your hair shaft and soften/remoisture them. Do you know if you can use protein? You may need a protein treatment along with the conditoner.
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    I don't know.. I really doubt it was the color because you used a semi-permanent. It's equivalent to a gentle breeze in terms of damaging your hair.

    What kind of after conditioner did you use? Was it CG? Did it have protein? As long as you do a moisturizing deep treatment, wait a little, and then see what kind of results you have, I wouldn't worry too much beforehand.

    Hope that helped!
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