newbie CG with a question!

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Greeting, everyone! My name is Stephanie, and my 2009 goal is to return to my hair roots. When I was much younger, I had Shirley Temple ringlets until I discovered the flat iron. I've decided that I miss my beautiful, natural curls, and I started the Curly Girl program today!

My question is, I've read the FAQ, and I have NO IDEA what hair type(s) I fall into. My hair is super thick, and there is certainly some curl, but mostly it just puffs outward (of course, that could be because I haven't had a haircut in 8 months). Anyway, I've attached pictures of my hair after my first no-poo experience...still poofy (especially in the back), but curlier than usual!

It's great to find like-minded curlies, and here's to hoping my hair gets better! :D


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    Welcome! Not sure...maybe 2a/2b???
    Give CG some time, you might find that your hair really is curlier!
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    It looks to me like your hair is naturally a lot curlier than it is in that picture.
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