How do you start exercising again after a long break?

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I got really sick, lost my job, had surgery and was told by the docs to quit karate...all in 5 months! Now the docs say I can go back to karate. In the meantime I'd go to the gym, but I've barely done that in months!

I feel so sluggish and puny! How do you get back into a regular routine? I'm gaining weight!
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    Walking is the easiest, least impact, yet uses all body parts form of exercise. Just start walking 10 minutes and build up from there.
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    I agree, take it slow at first.

    When I've had an interruption to my workouts, I struggle with dread (it will be too hard), frustration (I've lost so much strength/endurance) and boredom. To counteract that, I ease back into a routine with easier workouts that are fun and I keep my expectations of myself low. I try not to look for immediate weight loss or fitness gains, just get back in the groove.

    Do you do classes in karate? Maybe dropping down a level or two as a refresher would be a way to go.
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    Phoenix, I too had surgery and had to stop working out for quite a while. I also do Muay Thai. Well, I can honestly admit that I've been afraid to get back into that part of my routine. I also run, do cardio and lift weights at home. I have the Bowflex SelecTech dumbbells.

    I am gonna go back to the Muay Thai but I need to get a little bit back in shape before or I'll be really dogging it in class.

    I'm walking briskly to get back into running and am not lifting as much as I was. You just have to work up to it again. It is frustrating when your mind knows where your body was before you had to stop and how much of a journey it is to get back to it.

    Do what you can, do what you like and reward yourself for the goals that you reach. I know I'm really looking forward to getting back into fighting again. I miss my friends that I would train with.

    HTH and good luck
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    You just go back...slowly.

    When I training for a figure skating test I came down with a super bad case of the flu. I was really sick for 2 weeks, barely getting out of bed, barely eating.

    When I finally went back to train, I could only stay on the ice for about 15 minutes. But slowly I regained my strength and was able to increase back to my usual training workout within about a month.

    If you have gym access perhaps you can walk on a treadmill or use an elliptical machine for a little while each day.

    Just do what you can, every little bit will help you regain your strength and endurance. Good luck!
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    I agree with everyone else. Just take one day at a time, and if you fall off the wagon one day, don't beat yourself up over it. Just get back on the next day.

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