I Need Serious Hair Helppppppppppp!!!!

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my hair has been driving me crazy ever since i was little!! it is kind of hard to describe as well. it doesn't match any of the hair types listed on this site. my curls don't all stay together. i'm not sure if it's frizz or what but i have tried pretty much every product out there and nothing works. if i don't put any product in my hair and let it air dry, my hair literally looks like mia's hair in the princess diaries (pre-makeover) im not even exaggerating!! angry9:

i wear my hair the same way every single day because i'm afraid that trying something new will only end in disaster and as a teenager in high school, i can't afford to have that horrible of a hair day. right now i: shower in the morning, brush my hair, put in my headband & then i apply (all by bed head) curls rock, control freak, and a good, heavy helping of creative genius to the back part of my hair. i put so much creative genius in my hair that there are sometimes blue clumps in my hair & then i go to school with my hair wet. it stays really crunchy until about noon. this is the only way i can get it to not be a monster by the time school ends. its almost like it grows throughout the day and it gets huge!

i feel like that is as small as i can get it and i really don't like the way it makes me stand out. at my school every girl has the same stick straight hair and i am definitely not like them. people always tell me to straighten my hair but i can't do it all the time. i can only do it about 3 times per year because it takes me 3-4 hours to straighten it by myself and it never turns out completely straight. it always looks poofy and i end up putting it up in a pony tail.

the thing that i like about wearing headbands is that it makes the top of my hair semi-straight as it dries so at least i don't have to worry about that part when i wear one. i have thought about getting my hair chemically straightened but it just costs wayyy too much money and i like my curls.

in re-reading this again i sound like i'm complaining an awful lot it's just that i'm so excited to have found this site & i might be able to find something that workssss!!:laughing8:

i'm really sensitive when it comes to my hair because i used to get teased alot when i was in grade school and i just never felt pretty. i still don't feel pretty and it's because of my hair. i feel like people are always looking at me because it's different. :sad7:

if there is anyone out there that can help, i would really appreciate it :)


  • marie.lmarie.l Registered Users Posts: 702
    glad you're here

    brushing curly hair causes damage that can lead to breakage, mass amounts of frizz, bad hair days, etc. read up on some quick tips to beautiful curls.

    poke around and have fun


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