Anything I should know beforehand?

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Hey everyone!

My hair has been doing amazing every since I came here, and I cannot believe the transformation from using damage-in-a-bottle to going CG.

I've made the decision to dye my hair from very dark brown to a lighter brown. I'm going to use Revlon Colorsilk, as I hear only good things from CGs concerning that.

Now, in the box itself it directs us to shampoo and use the special conditioner. Would it be alright if I just did a Clarify/CoWash? I wouldn't want my hair to turn out the wrong way.

Thanks in advance.


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    WAIT!! How light do you want to go?

    If you're expecting the $3 dye to lift too much color you might be in for a disappointment and it will turn out a ghastly orange. Also, is the dark brown your natural color? If not, you may need bleach + professional.

    I've used colorsilk before, but just to keep up my color. There's too little of the after conditioner and it's not that moisturizing.

    I hope everything works out!
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