Straightening and breakage!

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is it still possible to have good healthy hair growth and for your hair to grow long if you straighten it?
how do you guys prevent breakage?
My hair grows quickly but in the past it hasnt gotten longer because of breakage!! Grr!! Xx
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    You know even though I straighten, I do my best to continue with a good conditioning regimen and when I go to the salon for my coloring, she does a really good conditioning and I get ends trimmed if necessary, I think I do a fairly good job of just trying to keep from overdoing my hair.

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    I flat iron my hair twice a week and I too have very curly 3b hair.

    I wash my hair at night and braid it and go to sleep with it wet. In the morning if its still a little wet I dry it with a diffuser and then I flat iron. Takes me about 15 minutes now to flat iron it (i've been doing this for years). I also put Morraco oil and fast food leave in conditioner. I use a deep treatment every 2 weeks and I get it trimmed every 6 weeks.

    My hair is past my bra strap and its the longest and healthiest I've ever had it. I still have some split ends, I think we all do no matter what we use, but I dont have that many for someone that flat irons their hair all the time. Hope it helps.
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