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Tryin to find my curls! Has anyone seen them?? I used to have bouncy spiral boingy curls and now I barely have waves and by the end of the day.. it's pretty straight.

I'll post more details later.. just wanted to say hey.

Happy holidays!


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    Hi! Welcome!

    Did you do anything chemically to your hair to make it change or did it just happen?
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    Hi!! Thanks for the welcome.. sorry it took so long to get back here.

    I usually have nice boingy bouncy curls except on a day when my hair dries icky from product and then they are hard curls lol. I never blow dry, never color.. just shampoo condition and mousse or gel. Over the past year it's been up and down a bit flatter on the top but still curly all the way down.

    In March 2008 I thought I'd treat myself to a bday present.. a good haircut by someone that was trained by Deva. I normally spend 20 bucks on my hair and it looks GREAT! lol this $75.00 haircut (and tip??!!) messed it up bad. Her *technique* basically cut most of my curl out. The places I've been to since said it looks like my hair is over texturized and the curls have nothing to grab onto? some blah blah.

    In september I had two surgeries and people have told me anethesisa (sp?) can mess you up too.

    so i'm thinkin.. i'm 38.. almost 39.. and it's hormones, bad haircut and surgery stress.

    I've tried so many different products but nothing is really working. 2nd day hair is sort of ok.. curl seems to be there a bit more.. but then it gets fly away more 2nd day.

    I don't know what to try next.. finger in socket??

    I've always loved my curls..always thought it was funny when people say they paid $100 for a perm to get their hair like ours. I really hope they come back.

    Any suggestions on what to try next would be great.

    Thanks :)
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    poke around and have fun


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