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I dunno if anyone has mentioned this site before, but it's awesome if you're the kind of person who needs to see the math of what you're eating.

I signed up, and it gives you a journal and shows you graphs that track your progress. The first time I went there, I filled in all of the things I had eaten/planned to eat that day, and it gave me charts detailing the calories and nutritional content of everything I'd eaten for the day. Percentages of daily carbs, sugars, sodium, etc. It's really handy, and I was surprised how much "damage" I did with the breakfast sandwich and Nestle lowfat chocolate milk I had that morning. :shock: It definitely influenced what I eat for breakfast, and reminded me to keep tabs on the fat content of everything. (I'd had 40-something percent of my daily allowance of total fat on that day, which is pretty high I think.)

Either way, it's a good site. Helpful. And you can make your site private or public. :)


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    I agree, love Fitday! Been using it for the past 2 weeks to keep my calories in check. It's almost addicting! lol

    That, along with regular exercise, is definitely helping the "winter padding" to lessen. :)
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    I used Fitday for a while, but then I found

    It's also free, and, for my purposes, easier to use. You might want to check it out!
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