Psoriasis, excema, flaky scalp.....

Just a friendly reminder...
I used to a very flaky scalp, bordering on psoriasis style scabs. Only Neutrogena T-gel would help (in retrospect, the most damaging thing I could do to my hair--and the horrendous damage moved me to CG)

I also also diagnosed by two Dr.'s (one a dermatologist) with excema on my hands. I was prescribed a steroid cream that I was warned not to use continuously, because it thinned your skin.

With the help of a cousin, I was diagnosed with Celiac. Within a week of going gluten free, my scalp and hands cleared up. My husband was amazed--the quarter size dry spot on my back that had been there for years, disappeared.

The skin manifestation of Celiac is called dermatitis herpetiformis. Go to or to check your symptoms then discuss it with your Dr. If all else fails, give up gluten for a week and see if you get relief.

The first sign I've accidentally ingested gluten is my scalp. Jojoba oil eases the flaking until it clears.

Hope that helps someone.
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