I bought a new flat iron and its sooo good..way better than my CHI..WAY better

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The only other person I know that has it is my bestfriend, its by a european company called herstyler?? www.herstyler.com the flat iron is under the collection then its the colorful seasons. They have a kiosk in the middle of the mall and they are always like flat ironing a section of peoples hair to show you how it works and since they did that I hated my chi. My hair was soo silky and soft after they did it, like I thought before that the chi made my hair silky and soft....until I saw what this thing did. It was completely dif. AND ON WAY LOWER HEAT!! They said that it has a dif way of heating...(supposively) so it helps prevent as much damage as most other ceramic flat irons. So far..I love it. It was a bit more expensive but it was so worth it. Normally my hair is poofy even after I flat iron it, like literally i know this isnt good but when my hair is straight I have to flat iron it everyday...sometimes two times a day to keep it straight and not poofy. (i know thats horrible for my hair) This thing though, the last time I used it was last night and ive slept on it, gone to work, took a nap, been cleanin and its still bone straight and soft and silky I havent need to retouch it or anything. Thats not norm for my hair. Plus it has a dial so you can adjust the heat. Has anyone else heard of or used this cause so far I love it, but that doesnt mean that the long term effects are going to be the same. So If you know anything about this other than it being amazing plllease let me know. They also gave me their conditioner for free and there heat protector spray but Im not sure about the ingredients if they are good or not..I tried to get it off the website but they dont show ingredients so Ill have to come back and edit to add them.
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    Wow, that's good, it's so hard to find something that actually works, sometimes you have to just go for it and try it out.

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    i used it once and then got a relaxer so now i don't use an iron, only my sedu blowdryer. I would sell it really cheap if anyone is interested.
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    I have the herstyler seasons flat iron also. It does work really well. However I am very clumsy and dropped it a few times. The plates cracked and now It breaks my hair. I bought a new gvp iron..haven't used it yet though.
    So if u don't drop it, it's a great iron lol.
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    BabyK, please report back on how you like your GVP iron. I have one, and I don't know if I'm not using it right or what, but it doesn't get my hair completely straight. My hair is not even that curly to begin with, but thick. Maybe I don't have it hot enough, but even at a low temperature it seems to dry out my hair. I don't know about your's, but on mine it's hard to tell with the temperature dial what degree it's on. I'm not all that happy with it, but it's been several months so I don't think they'd take it back. I keep meaning to work with it more, but.... I usually don't feel like it.
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    About how much did it cost??? I'm using a Vidal wide plate ceramic one... it does the job I guess. But I have to go over it a few times a day or whatever to touch it up. And I want one that can add curl too. to I guess a narrower blade. But I don't want to spend a fortune... Any ideas anyone???
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    I have seen this brand at many kiosks in malls a few times but never really paid attention because I already have a hair straightener. I am now looking for a new one because I am not pleased with mine anymore. I currently have the Metropolis and am looking for something better. I only bought it because of the ten year warranty thinking it was worth it, but it has done as much damage to my hair as a cheap straightener you can get from Wal-Mart. My biggest issue is split ends.. is the herstyler straightener good about that?
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    sweetmx, which produscts do you use with the iron? My iron is great.. it heats up really nicely and is smooth but after awhile my hair looks blah.. Iv'e used heat spray but I hate it.. it smells discusting afterwards. Any suggestions?
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    I used to have the herstyler and it's pretty good. I now have the GHD IV styler and it's a MIRACLE WORKER!! I have very fine 3b/3c curls and with this flat iron my hair comes out asian straight. I take it with me to the salon when I dont feel like doing the work myself. It's so amazing the first time my stylist used it she was shocked. She made me write down all the information and ordered it that day. Here's the website http://www.ghdhair.com/ghd-IV-styler
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    ...to add on to my last post. I used this styler to straighten my hair in Florida in the middle of summer and my hair stayed perfectly straight for 3 days (with just one quick touch up in the morning that was approximately 5-10 minutes)

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