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According to my Mom who protected my 3c/4a hair since a little one until the evil hairdresser convinced her to relax it... before about 8 or 9 years old the only thing my mom used was DAX the green one (a pomade) that said hair growth and had the lady and guy with the long hair. Well my mom thinks that all the natural things I have are slowing my hair growth because I keep switching and experimenting and shes trying to get me to use it again but I don't want to because of all the mineral oil and all the other JUNK in it... mind you my hair was 2 to 3 inches from waist length and know it 2 inches from BSL... so im looking for natural version of DAX... non greasy hair killing pomade .. any suggestions.. .. thanx!
Slightly layered
APL when stretched
About 1-2 inches under neck when wet

Current Products
TJ Moisture Balancing Sham&Con
AOHR Sham&Con
Nature's Gate Jojoba Con.
Africa's Best Oil
Want to Stop
Cantu Shea Butter LI Cream
Hairveda Products
Oyin Handmade


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    I really like Anita Grant's products. www.anitagrant.com

    Creamy café latte or whipped butter - the whipped butter is very light. AG is based in the UK so if you are in the us there might be cheaper options in terms of shipping.
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    I see you would like to try hairveda, she has and almond glaze, natural grease. I haven't tried it but its natural. Im thinking about trying some things from her when she opens back up after jan 1.

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