simple yet amazing!

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I decided my hair might be in need of a DT, so I mixed up 2T of Biolage Conditioning Balm and 1.5 T of olive oil with a few drops (like four) of rosemary essential oil, worked it through my hair from the scalp/roots to the ends, left it in for an hour, and rinsed it out with cold water . I did nothing else to it and it looked AMAZING - the front was soft, shiny, looser waves, the back was soft, shiny tighter waves and curls, and it all felt light, bouncy moisturized - all with no product! The rosemary smell lingered but that was not a problem - kind of nice, even. I hear rosemary helps with hair growth so it's good for that, too.

Anyway, thought I'd share!
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Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer :)


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    Thanks for the tip! I will try this one night after work. Sounds wonderful, and you are so kind to share this idea with us.

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