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Has anyone ever had thrush? If so what was it like?

Both of my nipples are very sore and when Sophia latches on it's like fire. This just started last night, but even now after several hours since I last nursed her, my nipples/areolas are burning (although not severely).

I had mastitis shortly after she was first born, and I felt that much more in my whole body, not so much in my breast.

Could this be thrush? I didn't see any white pockets in Sophia's mouth so I'm not sure.
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    My daughter had trush and it was nasty. She had those little white spots in her mouth. I never got it so it would be hard for me to say, but in my experience the white spots were there, so maybe it's something else.
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    We didn't have white spots, and thrush was still hell. It was really painful to nurse, and Dylan would latch on and off a lot (which made it more painful for me). It seemed like he wanted to nurse, but then he would pull back once we started. If it is thrush, make sure you get both of you treated at the same time, or you'll just pass it back and forth to each other.
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    Kaia - did it feel like what I described? Should I go to my doctor or the pediatrician?
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    I/we had thrush a few months ago.

    The pediatrician diagnosed it because Oliver had white patches in his mouth. I think it can still be thrush even if the baby doesn't have white spots. We caught it really early, luckily, because it never got too painful for me. I had some burning pain during nursing and one nipple got cracked a little bit.

    The pediatrician gave the baby an oral medicine, then I called my OB's office and got her to phone in a prescription for Diflucan for me. They gave me a two-week course of pills, and I used the liquid medicine in Oliver's mouth, and that did the trick.
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    I had thrush with all 3 of my kids. My oldest was given an oral purple medicine that cleared it up only a little bit. I made sure I ate a lot of yogurt, took extra probiotics and dipped a pacifier in the yogurt and gave it to my kids. I also tried hard to avoid sugar, which feeds the yeast.
    With my 2nd child, I wanted to crawl out of my skin it hurt so badly when she latched on. I knew her mouth was hurting, too. When I nursed it felt like shards of glass attacking the nipple, then after she was latched on and settled, the pain would subside. It took over 2 weeks to get rid of the thrush, then suddenly the pain was gone. It makes sense to me that I'd have such a bad case with her because I had yeast infections throughout my pregnancy, and our insurance wouldn't cover the stronger treatments so it wasn't completely in control when I had her.
    I almost gave up nursing because it hurt so much.
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    I had it too, I can't begin to describe the pain, it really was horrendous - shards of glass like Cynaminbear said. I had no idea what was wrong, I'd had no problems with my first son and was sooo frustrated. I went to see the lactation consultant at my local hospital and after the third visit she didn't know what else it could be, even though there was no sign of it in his mouth, and suggested I get some Daktozin (think that was it). I had to put it in his mouth and on my nipples after every feed and within a week or so it had gone. The relief was immense, such a difference.
    I still have very vivid memories of sitting up doing the night feeds in my sitting room, so my crying wouldn't disturb my SO.
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