Beeswax in products?

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I have been using Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Pomade to scrunch out my crunch and I noticed it has beeswax. Do I need a low-poo to remove this or will an ACV rinse do the trick?

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    I use soap bars, which are gentler than lowpoo, and have no problem with beeswax. Not sure that ACV will do it.
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    I can only tell you from my personal experience that ACV or Baking Soda rinses didn't get rid of the beeswax. You should use a low-poo maybe once a week or so to avoid build up issues cuz when it happens it isn't pretty.....:tongue:
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    I think if it's from the middle towards end of the ingredient list that it shouldn't be a real problem, if you use a non-sulfate cleanser shampoo. But what do I know, I'm not an expert. :lol:

    I'd be real wary of a product such as a wax or pomade though because it might also contain petroleum or candella or candelia (spelling?) or carnuba wax, or lanolin even, which would probably be a whole lot harder to remove.
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    Ok thanks ladies.....I will try out your suggestions. :thumright:

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    Still experimenting with products

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