Creamy Leave-in cond vs. liquid leave-in cond?

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I'm in search of a good leave-in conditioner. What is the difference in the benefits of a creamy leave-in versus a liquid leave in?
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    I'm in search of a good leave-in conditioner. What is the difference in the benefits of a creamy leave-in versus a liquid leave in?

    Hmm, the only liquid leave-ins I've ever tried are the ones in spray bottles. That said, I feel that creamy leave-ins that feel more like a traditional conditioner are more moisturizing and are easier to distribute. Liquid leave-ins are a pain for me because I have to spritz a lot before I feel that my hair has enough product on it. And then my hand is sore and I've used about a third of the bottle. Creamy leave-ins are also more versatile because they can be used in the shower as a rinse-out and a detangler.

    I suppose if your hair is very fine and/or doesn't need much moisture to keep it healthy, a liquid would be the way to go. I dunno. (I cut my own hair)
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    Liquid leave-ins are usually more along the lines of detanglers. They provide slip for combing purposes but are ususally light on conditioning.

    Creamy Leave-ins are detangling also but provide more conditioning and longer lasting moisture retention.

    ETA: I use both. I love Biolage daily leave-in. Its a spray but I don't have a problems with sprays. [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot Today[/buylink] is middle of the road. Its a bit thicker but still light and provides excellent detangling. Thicker yet is Kiehl's leave-in. Very rich and moisturizing.
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