Nasabb's Teawynn Shampoo

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Yikes, although the website description says it's "Great for various types of hair textures" I don't quite think it's suited for my hair type...(caucasian, Italian curls)

Don't get me wrong, it's everything they say it is:
"...gentle and smooth. Lathers and
only need a touch......will give your hair a healthy look and silky feel..." is where it went awry for me.

To put it mildly, it was very um, clarifying.

To be frank, it stripped, and I mean squeeeeeeeeeeaky cleaned my hair; which is when I realized that perhaps it's better for a more coarse, or...say, ethnic hair type...:toothy9:

At the same time, I was really impressed with how clean it did, in fact get my hair, lol! This shampoo is going to be great ONCE A WEEK for clarifying as well as preparation for that awesome Kelechi oil treatment I wrote about earlier.

Seriously, though...Great product, but beware...I wouldn't say it's for everyone...(oh, very mild scent as well).

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