Nasabb's Kelechi Hair Oil

GhostWriterGhostWriter Posts: 3Registered Users
I decided to try this because it sounded nice, and I like to keep my hair conditioned with shea butter and nautural oils at night, and on days off, since i straighten every day.

Today is my first use: This really really nice. It's light in texture - more like a grapeseed oil than the olive, castor, jojoba and almond oil that is made up of.

Now, I put a pretty significant amount on my towel dried hair (probably a teaspoon), combed it through, and then hit my hair with a blow dryer for about five minutes to warm it up (like a hot oil treatment).

To my surprise, it's barely oily still. I mean, I put enough in my hair to wax my car with - my short hair - and my hair practically dried with all that oil on it, I'm kind of amazed! And oh man is it shiny. The reason I ended up on this review board is because somehow I discovered it while going back to the Nasabb website to order more!

Now, just by sheer volume of oil in my hair, I absolutely have to shampoo this amount out (and I'm not even sure it won't just wrinse clean at this point), but otherwise...I think that if I put a few squirts in my palm and ran it through my ends and such, it might be the perfect conditioner/heat styling product, and Im sure there are MANY ways to use it depending on hair type.

By the way, I chose the tangerine fragrance, which is so light, and frankly gone - so no need to worry about smelling like a fruit bomb. Virtually scent free.


  • Curly Girl FlaCurly Girl Fla Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I received a sample of this a long time ago when I was ordering soaps. I used it on my scalp, and it was really nice. I never did order it since I wasn't oiling my hair at that time, and now I have more oils than I know what to do with! I'm glad it works so well for you :)

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