Nasaab's Shea Butter is Incredible!

GhostWriterGhostWriter Posts: 3Registered Users
I've been using it for many years - In fact, I just refreshed my 'tub', of Shea butter (and decided to try a couple of new hair care products too, because the descriptions sounded like they may be beneficial to my curls...but I'll post about those later). Here's why I'd recommend it to everyone:

I am Caucasian, Italian-American, with those B3 type curls, but my curls still require heavy moisture to stay shiny and happy.

I typically use Phyto, and ONLY Phyto products; but I loooooove the Nasaab shea butter for deep or even light, leave-in conditioning. I'll heat it with the hair dryer till it liquifies, rub some between my palms, run it lightly through my towel dried hair ( then use a fine toothed comb to make sure it's evenly distributed) and throw a bandana on before bed. Shampoo it out the next day OR...

I use it as a straightening balm too; In the morning I don't shampoo it out - I stick my head under the sink and very thoroughly rinse it out until I feel that it's still on my hair, but know it won't be heavy or greasy. I typically don't need any other products - this one is enough - and then I blow dry it straight; fabulous shine and healthy moisture. Flat iron glides right over it.

Awesome and versatile product!


  • deRosadeRosa Posts: 37Registered Users
    I've read a lot of extremely positive reviews about their shea butter. Have you tried their honey oatmeal soap?

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