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i'm getting my hair dyed on monday, and its time for a change! I've had red hair for awhile.

The problem is, I don't know what color to dye it! my natural color is a dishwater blonde, and I've got super fair skin with pink undertones and blue eyes. I'm leaning on the darker side, but blonde is an option. what do you think?

(sorry for the goofy pic!)
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    I think you would look nice with a light golden brown.
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    Your hair looks GREAT the color it is! Maybe some golden-strawberry highlights instead? I wouldn't go too light of a solid color if I were you - that red just suits you really well. But the highlights I suggested would change it up some and still keep a good bit of the red look going with some variation in tones.
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    Oh, I totally know what you mean in terms of a change!

    Brown is a pretty safe color. I think you could easily pull of a chocolate-golden brown on the light-medium side.

    The thing you have to worry about is picking a color that will take away the red, it's the hardest color to keep and also the hardest to get rid of! That being said, a brown tone may be the best option.

    Now I don't think you can go back to blonde without color correction, and that means bleach! Your hair looks way to dark to go that light with just any color or lift.

    I wish you the best luck, and just to let you know I've been all over the spectrum with my hair colors! <3 wish you luck.
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